The Comtorgage

amplifier gage diagram

The Comtorgage System is comprised of three basic components:
1. An Expansion Plug for sensing size variation.
2. An Amplifier to display this variation.
3. A Reference Ring for setting the gage to the mean dimension and periodically checking this setting.

THE EXPANSION PLUG is sized to suit the measurement of a specific dimension. When retracted, it will easily enter even an undersize bore. When allowed to expand, it will engage the bore on its true diameter. Because of its unique design, the Comtor plug is SELF-CENTERING and SELF-ALIGNING when expanded in the bore. Its built-in spring loaded pressure assures constant, uniform gaging contact. Thus, accuracy is assured independently of differing operator skills.hands mechanical gauge maker

THE AMPLIFIER responds to the linear displacement of a cone tipped plunger which is accurately positioned by the amount of expansion or retraction of the plug and magnifies the motion so that it is clearly indicated on the display, showing the amount of variation, plus or minus, from the mean dimension. The Amplifier has a built-in shockproof movement to withstand hard, prolonged shop usage without losing accuracy.

THE REFERENCE RING is made to the precise size representing the mean diameter of the bore to be checked. This all adds up to a very straightforward system which permits rugged construction without sacrificing sensitivity and requires no adjustment beyond setting zero. Gaging action is simple: Retract, Enter, Release, Settle, and Read.

comtor gage plug system diagram