Bore Gages


Permits checking for ovality, taper, barrel shape, hourglass or bell mouth

Proudly made in the USA USA

Rugged, Reliable, and Repeatable

Since 1928 COMTORGAGE has developed quality gaging solutions for manufacturers worldwide

Comtorgage is the product of people with great ideas. Every owner of our responsive company throughout our progressive history has added to the fabric of our expertise by answering the real needs of manufacturers making better products. The inherent engineering of the original Comtorgage was so sound that the basic characteristics of the current product line meet the stringent requirements of today's ISO driven factory.

As more and more manufacturers learn of the unique Comtorgage capability, they quickly understand that our gage and team of innovative engineers offer not only the best solution, but the only solution to many gaging applications.
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The Comtorgage® is designed to make comparative type measurements of bore diameters and has the capability of checking other types of part characteristics when equipped with the proper features.

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