Since 1928, COMTORGAGE has developed quality gaging solutions for manufacturers worldwide.

Comtorgage is the product of people with great ideas. Every owner of our responsive company throughout our progressive history has added to the fabric of our expertise by answering the real needs of manufacturers making better products. The inherent engineering of the original Comtorgage was so sound that the basic characteristics of the current product line meet the stringent requirements of today's ISO driven factory.

As more and more manufacturers learn of the unique Comtorgage capability, they quickly understand that our gage and team of innovative engineers offer not only the best solution, but the only solution to many gaging applications.

Comtorgage meets the higher demands of gage repeatability and reproducibility (GR&R) studies, one of the key elements and requirements of contemporary QC programs. The unique "wedge" design of the self-aligning, self-centering Comtorplug assures repeatability. The mechanical advantage in the simple operation overrides operator differences assuring reproducibility.

The real key to our product development and success is you. While we continually refine the operation of our gages to match technology growth, our engineering horizons are achieved by meeting your toughest applications. We are solutions driven.

As you browse through our website, you will see some of the solutions we have created for unique measuring situations. Our objective is to show a variety of ideas which, quite honestly, will inspire you to tap into our ingenuity.

The Comtor Blade Gage for checking internal or external grooves with its self-centralizing feature is ideal for checking Snap Ring Grooves, O-Ring Grooves, Seal Grooves, Recesses, Flexible Parts, Plastic Parts, Interrupted Grooves and Bores.

Comtor Spline Gages incorporates floating gage pins in a self-contained unit. Internal (MBP) and External (MOP), Splines and Gears can be accommodated.

Form Ground Protruding Insert Gages measure the major diameter of internal splines or minor diameter of external splines.

Straight-Sided Protruding Insert Gages measure the height of internal keyways from the opposing side of a bore by using a round gage head fit with a flatted protruding insert.

Minor Diameter of internal splines are checked using our standard 2-Point Contact Expansion Plug.

Comtor Thread Gages incorporates the three-wire system in a self contained unit. The contacts are allowed to “float” to compensate for lead error or “drunken” threads. The gages can detect variations from thread-to-thread.

Comtor Contracting Ring Gages are ideal for checking hub-type and “hidden” O.D’s. where conventional snap gages can’t be used. Also for checking trepanned groove.

Tip Overhang Gages for checking I.D.’s where you have to clear a center hub, or center protrusion. Also, to check the I.D. inside of a trepanned groove.

Standard 2-Point Contact Expansion Plugs can be customized to measure the width of keyways; either internal or external. The gage head consists of two flat contacts.

Diamond-Shaped Gages measure abnormally out-of-round conditions in a bore.

Hex, Rectangular, and Square
gage heads for checking non cylindrical shaped holes and slots. To check distance across planes.

Dovetail Gages for checking dovetail shaped slides and tapered slots.

Spherical Bores can be measured with our gage head that is spherically ground but still presents a 2-Point Contact.

Tapered Bores are checked by the use of two gages, fit with fixed stops to check at different depths in the bore.

The Comtor Bridge Gage
is used to check the distance across a specific length.

Deep holes can be checked with the addition of an inreach extension on the gage, capabilities are determined by gage diameter.

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